Honda CBR 250R Moriwaki and Mugen Limited edition

Honda Thailand launched Honda CBR 250R in a new color option. That Moriwaki and Mugen, both Japanese Honda tuner. Honda CBR 250R Moriwaki Edition has a blue color combination of yellow in the fairing, tank and tail section.

Another option is the Honda CBR 250R Mugen Edition, Typical color tuner attached to the special  parts performance cars Honda this is a black and red. Not just new colors are offered, CBR 250R Moriwaki Edition and CBR 250R Mugen Edition also equipped with racing exhaust output of each tuner. The design is much simpler than the standard exhaust which looks great too.

CBR 250R Limited Edition is only available for the variant that has the anti lock brake system (ABS and only 100 units available. CBR 250R Limited Edition can be obtained via all networks Honda Wing Center, Honda sales network in Thailand. Yamaha Xabre 150 2016 Review

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