Looks VW XL1, The Most Economical Car in The World

Competition efficient production cars fuel increasingly crowded in the global automotive arena. Even the German car manufacturer, Volkswagen prepares to produce cars most efficient in the world by introducing the VW XL1 in Geneva Motor Show next March.

VW XL1 claimed to be able to walk 100 km only using 1 liter of diesel because thanks to the system plug-in hybrid, and also VW XL1 to a distance of 50 km using only electrical energy, VW XL1 can run a constant 100 kpj by relying on electrical energy.

VW complete VW XL1 with 2 TDI engine (48 hp), E-motor (27 hp), a dual clutch transmission (DSG), and lithium-ion batteries. All that makes VW XL1 only issued C02 just 21gr/km. maximum XL1 speed reached 160 kpj. Car 2-seat has a length of 3.888 mm, width of 1,665 mm and high 1,153 mm.  The length and width XL1 similar to the VW Polo, but the lower body and according to VW, XL1 is produced in a factory in Osnabrueck, Germany.

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