Yamaha SZ-R Challenger Honda Verza 150 of India

Competition Motor Sport in the 150cc class will begin crowded with the presence of Yamaha SZ-R 150, the new line up of Yamaha in the 150cc class could be a contender Honda Verza 150.

Yamaha SZ-R 150 is coming from Yamaha India, Yamaha SZ-X have the concept of powerful, comfortable, and stylish, SZ-R is equipped with front disc brakes, Tachometers are also rear lights unique to the model compound

The fuel tank is wrapped condoms to appear larger. Capacity of fuel tank Yamaha SZ-R is 14 liters, slightly larger than the Honda Verza which only holds 12.2 liters

Yamaha SZ-R using a machine with a capacity of 153cc 4-stroke, SOHC, with 2 valves. Specifications Yamaha SZ-R is almost similar to the Yamaha Byson. You could say exactly the same with the Honda Verza who took the base motorcycle before New Mega Pro. The base engine used several variants of motorcycles. for fuel supply Yamaha SZ-R still use carburetors and ignition still rely CDI.

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