All-New BMW X6 More Aggressive and sporty

BMW  Luxury car manufacturer from Germany will returnlaunch the latest generation successor from BMW X6 namely All-New BMW X6.

All-New BMW X6 is rumored to be using a base from BMW X5 with carrying larger dimension and the display offers a more aggressive design and sportyAll-New BMW X6 is predicted by some observers in the German automotive will be present at the Moscow Motor Show 2014, and will begin to be marketed in the third quarter of next year.

The new BMW X6 cursory does have almost the same design with a model that is currently circulating. In the rear seat in design with space leg the wider wide to provide comfort for passengers behind time of travel near and far. All-New BMW X6 will use the gasoline engine and diesel engine 6-cylinder. BMW will also add a variants petrol engine V8 with plug hybrid in 2015.


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