All-New Toyota Yaris Facelift 2014 More Sporty

In the event the Shanghai Motor Show 2013, Toyota not only presenting the concept car and the latest Toyota Vios, but also to present the All-New Toyota Yaris Facelift 2014 to stabilize step this Toyota in 2013 by strengthening the newest generation. If the latest Toyota Vios had been ready to go global, now turn to the class of city car namely Toyota Yaris.

Display the latest Toyota Yaris Facelift total change in the exterior. In terms of dimensions, the city car hatchback is longer than the current Yaris models. For dimensions length is not longer 3.750 mm but being 4.113 mm, then the width of the car from 1.695 mm to 1.700 mm and for high car into a shorter namely 1.440 mm Long wheelbase also become longer which 2.550 mm.

Reportedly change Display New Toyota Yaris is still destined for the Chinese automotive market, as reported by Paultan,the design changes front occur the design new headlamp, For power sources will reportedly remain. For sources power will reportedly remain use engine 1NZ-FE with a capacity of 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder.

But truth of the generated power will reach 136 hp is still a question mark. Performance of the engine will be combined with a choice of manual transmission 5-speed or automatic 4-speed. We wait for news of the presence of All-New Toyota Yaris Facelift 2014.

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