Honda CRF250R 2014 New Frame

Honda CRF250R 2014 comes with a complete change. Honda CRF250R 2014 get improvements on the chassis and engine. According to Honda, the new frame this made ​​lower than the previous version which uses aluminum material in order to get a better gravity. This new framework is more flexible, improvement for traction the front, otherwise it is claimed to be faster when cornering.

Fuel tank CRF250F 2014 created ​​larger to accommodate the fuel much more. On the seat also experienced improvement, for weight CRF250F 2014 is now increased by 1.8 kg to 104 kg Honda claims the weight gain weight, Honda CRF250F 2014 remain nimble and agile.

Honda CRF250R 2014 using engine PGM-FI injection 249cc enhanced the cylinder head and pistons with ratio compression a higher of 13.5:1 become 13.2:1. Exhaust gets a new twist with the twin-muffler exhaust system in order to obtain maximum performance. PGM-FI has got improvement with dual-stage injector timing  and new injector angle that would be more aggressive on the low and medium speeds. Do not miss the Showa front suspension with 16 positions option (adjustable). Updated rear suspension with stiffer swingarm. Suspension from Showa to stern made ​​smaller by 17 option positions.

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