RCZ is one of the best selling products Peugeot to boost sales class sports car, according to reports circulating Peugeot will launch the RCZ Limited Edition to attract the attention customers. RCZ Limited Edition this is RCZ Magnetic and the plan is only to be marketed in the UK.

RCZ Magnetic will take the base of RCZ Sport which has undergone some changes to make it look sporty and charming. RCZ Magnetic will be available in her colors Pearlescent Pearl White and Metallic Nera Black.

As a energy supplier on RCZ Magnetic, Peugeot offers two different engines. The first machine supplied is engine 1.6-liter THP is capable of producing 156 bhp (116 kw) and 200 bhp (149 kw). While the second option is the engine 2.0-liter HDI which is capable of issuing power 163 bhp (121 kw​​). RCZ Magnetic will be produced only 170 units and will be priced at $ 25,350. 

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