Toyota 2000GT Classic Cars Most Expensive

Toyota 2000GT, classic super car 1967 that be car made ​​in Asia the most expensive in history. through auction RM Auctions, classic cars and beautiful not faded by the time it sold $ 1.16 million dollars.

When created, the Toyota 2000GT is prepared to be sent to the U.S. market, but returned to the hands of the Japanese collector for a long time. Some time ago, this classic Toyota back to Texas

As the first Japanese super car, Toyota 2000GT produced only 351 units, 62 units using the left wheel collection sold like this Toyota 2000GT can be spelled classic cars Japan most known of all time. Through this classic super car, a global automotive industry to recognize the benefits of the Japanese. At that time, the second half of the era-60s, the automotive world is ruled Europe and the United States. Not is no who glance at automotive industry Japan however after the presence Toyota 2000GT the world recognize the greatness the automotive Asia.

Toyota 2000GT engined two liter with technologies dual overhead cam which generate power maximal 150 hp with transmission 5 MT. Speed ​​peak could its 217 km / hourFor the current size performance is not special, but for that era, this car won widespread praise from the media.

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