Yamaha Ray Z More Fierce

Yamaha India launched the automatic scooter to a 2 namely Yamaha Ray Z, who previously Yamaha India has introduced Yamaha Ray on September 2012. Yamaha Ray Z theme is aggressive and sporty but the performance remains the same as the Yamaha Ray.

Yamaha Ray Z equipped with a new instrument panel with background patterned carbon fiber, grab-bars or rear grip is made of aluminum well as body color a more dynamic. Seat cover with carbon pattern and smoked-finish visor.

Yamaha Ray Z still rely engine 113cc, 1-cylinder, SOHC, CVT transmission, air-cooled capable of spewing power 7.1 Hp. Presence Yamaha Ray Z in India as a reaction to the increasing sales of motorcycles in India to reach 14 million units per year. Yamaha Ray Z in India priced at Rs 48 555.

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