Yamaha D'elight Scooter Newest Yamaha

Yamaha launched the new scooter, Yamaha D'elight with a view that combines elements of modern and ancient so it looks more elegant and classic. Yamaha D'elight is an automatic motorcycle the latest generation from Yamaha that were presented to equip variants automatic scooter which is owned Yamaha.

On the part front light Yamaha D'elight using the classic style of the '60s shaped round and surrounded by a layer of chrome so make zoom looks more retro, in section aftermath Yamaha D'elight be found pair of signal lights, brake lights and handle which attractively designed

D'elight have luggage under the seat with a large enough capacity to accommodate a half face helmet, but it also contained an open storage drawers near the front of the knee.

Yamaha D'elight equipped with engine capacity of 114cc, 1-cylinder, 4-stroke, SOHC, YMJET-FI (Yamaha Mixture Jet-Fuel Injection), Yamaha claims performance is equivalent to a scooter 125cc. For power generated from the engine reaches 7 hp and a torque of 7.6 Nm.

Yamaha D'elight fitted with racing wheels, for the braking system uses disc brakes. For the price of Yamaha D'elight priced at £ 1,799.

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