BMW Concept X5 eDrive More Tough, Luxury and Economical

BMW X5 will soon enter a new phase with the BMW Concept X5 eDrive. SAV (Sports Activity Vehicle) this luxurious using a plug-in hybrid technology and the system all-wheel-drive. BMW eDrive technology ensures character sporty which become the hallmark of of BMW. For fuel consumption BMW X5 Concept eDrive claimed very economical 26.32 km / liter.

CO2 emissions BMW Concept X5 eDrive below 90 g / km. The car can go as far as 30 km / h using only electric power. With electrical power the driver  can run the car up to a maximum speed of 120 km / hour. While acceleration 0-100 km / h achieved in under 7 seconds

Energy BMW Concept X5 eDrive derived from the 4-cylinder engine twin-turbo plus the electric motor (95 hp). Power an electric motor is supplied by lithium-ion batteries, which can be charged at home or a battery charging station.

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