Horex VR6 Classic Released For The Fans

Horex VR6 Classic became the second model after the Horex VR6 Roadster. Presence Horex VR6 Classic is a special request from the fans Horex.

Classic face Horex VR6 Classic flagged from the red color body with silver strip, front light round models and wheel spokes models. Leather upholstery patterned with stitches, exhaust color also different from the Roadster version. 

Horex VR6 Classic equipped with engine capacity of 1218cc, 6-cylinder engine capable of producing power 126 hp at 8500 rpm and torque of 120 Nm at 7000 rpm. Is juxtaposed with a 6-speed transmission. Power and torque Horex VR6 Classic smaller than Roadster namely 161 hp and 137 Nm.

For the Chassis VR6 Classic is made from the aluminum with the steering head from the steel. For braking systems front relying on a double disc and single disc in front, supported by ABS. In Germany, the price Horex VR6 Classic priced at € 24,500 not including shipping costs.

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