VW Kombi Last Edition Only 600 Units

VW Kombi is a car produced the longest in the history of the automotive world and became the most successful models for the Brazilian market. VW Kombi Last Edition will be the last edition of the VW Kombi. VW do Brazil announced a VW Kombi Last Edition only produced 600 units.

VW Kombi Last Edition performing with distinctive design plus white roof and body color blue. The headlamps use crystal glass with a blue ringGrille box model be given black color. Selected wheels white color to make it look consistent with the exterior appearance.

In the interior, dressing chair with vinyl material two-tone shades such as exterior colored blue-white. Side windows and rear there curtain with logo Combi as in the era of 1960-1970's. Being in the stern part there is a logo "56 Anos Kombi Last Edition" and there is a special identity contained in the dashboard. VW Kombi Last Edition cradling petrol engine 1.4-liter that can generate power 78 hp. And is only available manual transmission.

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