All-New Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 Threatens Ready BRZ and GT86

The presence of twin sports car namely Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86 may be successfully controlled the market in its class. But the triumph twin sports car will be disturbed by the presence of this latest generation of the All-New Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015.

Mitsubishi which also the world's largest car manufacturer not only strengthen variants city car hatchback through Mirage, SUV with the Pajero Sport. While for sports car variant legendary Lencer EVO is not the only mainstay of Mitsubishi. But history records the presence of the coupe version through variants 3000GT/GTO, FTO and Eclipse.

Model All-New Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 this is currently still a concept design working by Steel Blake of Kyrgyzstan which also assisted by Zhikharev Eduard and Mike Kinikhin.Although in concept form, this appearance could also be an indication of the presence of the official.

Mitsubishi Eclipse R / SD 2015 will be a model The fifth generation is expected to start are shown in
in the arena Auto Show in 2014. Official presence All-New Mitsubishi Eclipse 2015 it later will surely be a threat to the Subaru BRZ and Toyota GT86.

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