BMW i8 Spyder Ready to Go Production Stage

Satisfied with the the BMW i3 concept car, BMW is now preparing to spawn again next concept car, the BMW i8 Spyder. At the Paris Motor Show 2015, BMW i8 Spyder reported will soon debuting by making appearances without a roof. It would be good news for BMW lovers who are waiting for the presence of a concept car from.

Regarding the design, shape which futuristic remains a touch of the most in demand by automotive enthusiasts. In addition, the body lines are able to give the impression of depth is also channeling design language a more attractive. Interestingly, in the model production later, the BMW i8 Spyder will not be change the design that they present. It mostly occurs in some of the manufacturers are changing the design in order to the production model. As with any the doors were applied to the Spyder i8, principal will not be displacing the role of scissor doors that is in i8 Spyder.

As for engines, the BMW i8 Spyder will be supported with the petrol and also a plug-in hybrid electric. Using machine types 1.5-liter with three-cylinder, As well as additional two electric motors will generate power of 362 hp and 420 lb-ft are mated with the automatic transmission.

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