Suzuki Release GSX-R750 50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Suzuki GSX-R750, Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Suzuki released GSX-R750 50th Anniversary as a special gift in which he has reached half a century. Suzuki introduced the GSX-R750 50th Anniversary as an offering from the legendary sport bike the Japanese.

GSX-R750 50th Anniversary present with a combination of red and black color, which color combination is identical to the Suzuki Hayabusa Special Edition that was launched some time ago.

Wrap red color further reinforce the character of the GSX-R750 is a sporty, hence the bright colors wrapped some parts like wheels liststripping Suzuki name on the fairing and the name of the Brembo brakes that have a silver base color. As for the price GSX-R750 50th Anniversary priced at USD12.499.

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