Ford Mustang 2015 Offered with 3 Different Engines

Ford offers a choice of three engines and two different transmission 2015 Ford Mustang to adjust driving style needs of each individual.

The main variant of namely GT equipped with engines Coyote V8 5 liter powered 435 hp and torque 542 Nm. This machine has a new intake tract, revised cylinder head and valvetrain to provide additional power while enhancing efficiency of fuel consumption and emissions.

Then is a four-cylinder engine EcoBoost 2.3 liter turbo is capable of spewing power of 310 hp and torque of 433 Nm. This machine is designed specially for the Mustang in order to meet the demands maximum performance with fuel efficiency.

Third, is the entry-level variant of the Ford Mustang 2015 with engine V6 3.7 liter powered 300 hp and torque 379 Nm.

Ford offers two choices of transmissions for Ford Mustang 2015 namely 6-speed manual and 6-speed SelectShift automatic. Automatic transmission now has paddle-shifters behind the steering wheel.

With a choice of engines appropriate driving preferences and lifestyle, Mustang 2015 has advanced technology to adapt, modern design. But regardless of engine choice, this is still a Mustang.

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