Kawasaki-Bajaj will Launch Motor Sport 200cc

According to news circulating Kawasaki and Bajaj Auto will do a collaboration, from the results of this collaboration Kawasaki and Bajaj will be releasing Motor sport with a capacity 200cc which reportedly will soon be gliding in May this year.

But of course with the cooperation of the sale has been agreed between the Kawasaki and Bajaj, this bike is likely to use the brand Kawasaki Bajaj and do not carry the name of the Pulsar. The new name is certainly used as a differentiator the previous model which still marketed through Bajaj car manufacturers before.

Pulsar 200NS is highly anticipated presence, in addition to design a completely new, this bike had a new engine. Carrying the technology from KTM Austria, strength is claimed through 23,52 PS at 9500 rpm and of torque18,3 Nm at 8,000 rpm. The machine reportedly still similar to the KTM Duke 200 has a single cylinder water cooled. So it has been equipped with a radiator, typically in block the cylinder block is no longer cooling fins.

But construction cylinder heads is still SOHC, while the KTM Duke 200 is DOHC. Although SOHC, had a four-valve with a mechanism the operation similar to of Yamaha V-Ixion. One rocker arm directly encourages two valv at once. .curious ... we await further news ..

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