Suzuki Ertiga Double Blower More Modern and Elegant

PT Suzuki Indomobil Sales (SIS) released Suzuki Ertiga Double Blower were present to meet the needs of  family car Indonesia a safe, luxurious, economical and convenient to travel with family.

Suzuki Ertiga Double Blower not only complete with AC Double Blower, but the view outside experiencing little change, namely on the side chrome front grille (New Chrome Front Grille) a more modern look for the type of GX, GL and the rear on the side New Back Door Garnish for type GX.

While on the interior side AC double blower only includes the type GX and GL. For the Ertiga type GA, still use AC single blower.

Suzuki Ertiga Double Blower still carry the engine 1.400cc, DOHC, Variable Valve Timing (VVT), Multi Point Injection (MPI). For the safety and security features are also not changed since Ertiga been features Dual SRS Airbag for type GX, Anti Lock Braking System for Type GX, Side Impact Beam and Immobilizer Key to types GL and GX.

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