Looks BMW M235i to Unfold

German car manufacturer BMW for the year 2013 will deliver a shock to the presenting BMW M235i become a new series and also the successor of M1 Coupe.

This news was confirmed by showing the new spyshoot  the figure shows the body BMW M235i of the coded name of the F22. Unlike the BMW 1 Series, family display the Series 2 very stylish, ergonomic and sporty. Sightings that had enshrined the unknown for the preparation of the promo video for the BMW 2 Series.

Headlight design BMW M235i is more sharply with a combination of LED and a new grille. For aerodynamics, air intakes on the front bumper great with concept a more aggressive

On the side of the front fender looks logos M but without the presence of water vant such as the M3 and M5. Legs alloy wheels with innovative design and brake system M Performance with blue calipers

BMW M235i will adopt the same engine performance of the BMW M135i Hatchback N55 3.0-liter turbocharged six-cylinder-powered 320 hp. According to reports, the BMW 228i and the BMW M235i will begin production in November 2013.

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