Yamaha SMAX 155 Ready Opponent Honda PCX

Yamaha SMAX 155 offers aura a different for a premium scooter. His appearance looks attractive and modern  so pleasing to the eye. Looks Yamaha SMAX the same as Yamaha Majesty 155 S that emerged at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show 2013 in March last. Metercluster which has a luxurious design and attractive by combining analogs on tachometer pointer and digital for speed figures.

Yamaha SMAX 155 equipped LED lights that can be lit in the daytime (daytime running lights / DRL) at the bottom of the front fairing. Refueled is also getting easier because it is located adjacent to the keys without opening the seat.

Of particular interest is the use monoshock rear suspension commonly applied for volume sportbike luggage under the seat is able to fill up to 32 liters. Both wheels measuring 13 inches. Yamaha  SMAX 155 armed injection engine 155 cc, presence 155 SMAX to compete with Honda PCX 150.

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