All New Nissan Grand Livina 2013, PT. Nissan Motor Indonesia (NMI PT) introduced the New Cars All New Nissan Grand Livina with a variety of changes in terms of technology, the exterior as well as comfort for the rider.

All New Nissan Grand Livina reinforced engine HR15SD with CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) provides a driving experience were comfortableNew engine HR15DE implements technology dual Injection with Twin VTC (For Channel Intake And Exhaust). This technology can produce Better torque, especially at low to medium speeds. Besides fuel efficiency All New Grand Livina increased by 4% on appeal its predecessor.

Are combined with Xtronic CVT a new generation, All New Grand Livina offer sessions driving more subtle and comfortable due to its no buffeting during tooth movement

Combined engine and CVT transmission applications increasingly adding fuel performance cars All New Grand Livina is more efficient by up to 13% compared to previous models (conventional transmission). This technology is a combination of excellent engine performance and fuel economy, because there is no time lost the ability gearshift. 

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