New Corolla 2014 More Expressive and Elegant

All-New Toyota Corolla 2014 has finally revealed aura his new from the United States. New face All-New Toyota Corolla looks more expressive and elegant. All-New Toyota Corolla 2014 is equipped with LED lights beam low and adopt a five-point lower front grille. The cabin interior is more spacious than its predecessor.

All New Toyota Corolla comes in three variants namely the All-New Toyota Corolla L, the All-New Toyota Corolla LE and All-New Toyota Corolla S. All three such variants use a engine 4-cylinder. For Type New Corolla L would be filled 1.8-liter engine capable of producing 132 bhp (98 kW), while the LE type, with the same engine but is able to achieve 140 bhp (104 kW).

For gearboxes are available depending on the trim level, with six-speed manual for the type L and S, the seven-speed CVTi S (transmission continuously variable intelligent -shift) for LE, LE Eco and S and the four-speed automatic for the L model of entry-level.

All-New Toyota Corolla also features several standard equipment like eight airbags, Bluetooth so that hands-free calling and audio streaming connectivity, along with other equipment (depending on trim) as a back-monitor, power moonroof, touchscreen radio, smart key / push button start, Softex chair and applications can be accessed via the audio head unit.

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