Recent Mazda 3 2014

The emergence of new variants Mazda 3 is able to suck up to the attention of automotive enthusiasts. Mazda 3 brings SUV shape, like the photo posted by autoevolution Thursday (20/06) afternoon. On the web automotive, Mazda 3 was wrapped in a red color. Form real these, same with the flyers distributed in Japan.

Broadly speaking, the Mazda 3 still take a common thread as they are presented to the Mazda 6. However, for the design of the Mazda 3 is more look wider than its new luxury sedan All New Mazda 6. Shape the rear lights an increasingly pointed, and mounted spoiler which coupled with feature shark fin on top of the car.

While the bumper and diffuser at the Mazda 3 look shape a more attractive with a more aerodynamic. Principals have announced that they will show all the new models at the New York Auto Show 2013 on June 26 next week.

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