Zonda Revolucion Latest Supercar from Pagani

Pagani launches Pagani Zonda Revolucion with the concept art, but has a high speed. Zanda Revolucion is the most perfect supercar from Pagani in 2013Zonda Revolucion equipped Mercedes AMG V12 engine capable of issuing power 800 hp with 730 Nm of torque, so it is able to glide with a maximum speed of 350 km / h. Powered by a 6-speed transmission, enough time 2.7 seconds to achieve acceleration 0-100 km / hour, Pagani released on Saturday (08/06).

Equipped with disc brakes use Brembo carbon, similar to the braking system used on F1. Weighing just 1,070 pounds, Pagani Zonda Revolucion designed to bulldoze the road and as a car collection. This supercar is priced at 2.2 million euro.

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