Face Fierce Lamborghini Cabrera

Design Lamborghini Cabrera circulating on the internet as a leak before exhibited at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2013. Lamborghini Cabrera is supercar successor from the Lamborghini Gallardo that was retiring.

As the successor to the Gallardo design, because Cabrera allegedly still adhered dimensions of the body such as the Gallardo. However, the body will get a touch aggressive such as Aventador and Sesto Elemento race car at some point the body.

Lamborghini Cabrera will carry  machine the same as the Audi A8, namely V10 5,200 cc, four-wheel drive with power about 600 hp. They will also be made ​​a special edition of the rear-wheel drive, as released by autoevolution, Wednesday (31/08).

The official schedule Lamborghini Cabrera should be launched next year. As for the Coupe version Cabrera should be paved in 2015.

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