Honda SH Mode 125

Family Honda SH increased member with the presence of Honda SH Mode 125 in early 2014. Scooter this stylish claimed comfortable ride with a low seat, upright driving position and a small body.

Honda SH Mode 125 equipped with engines 125cc SOHC PGM-FI powered 11.2 hp and 12 Nm of torque. SH Mode 125 also equipped with Idling Stop technology, with fuel consumption of 49.99 km / liter. With the gasoline tank fully charged 5.5-liter, then you can explore more than 272 km. Honda Sonic 150R Specifications

Under the seat there is a vast baggage that can store a full-face helmet. For braking systems Honda SH Mode 125 equipped with Combined Braking System (CBS). Appearance the more sweet by design wheels 16 "is impressive. Honda SH Mode 125 comes with a choice of 3 colors Fabulous Pink, Pearl Jasmine White, and Poseidon Black Metallic. Honda Scoopy eSP Review

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