Kawasaki KLX 250S Review and Specifications

Specification Kawasaki KLX 250S - Kawasaki KLX 250S is designed for Motor Cross 250cc class, presented to meet the needs of dual-purpose, designed to explore terrain off road or street asphalt. Kawasaki KLX 250S is designed with the power, acceleration, balance, a comfortable riding position, light vehicle weight and aerodynamic body so comfortable to drive.

Kawasaki KLX 250S is equipped engine with a capacity of  249cc with DOHC valve, which will produce 18.0 (Kw) at 9000 Rpm, with maximum torque of  21 Nm at 7000 Rpm. KLX 250S Equipped with 43 ​​mm telescopic up-side down to the shock front and the Uni-Track monoshock suspension for the front. by optimizing the shock absorber will provide comfort and motor reliability in bulldoze every field. Here are the full specifications of the Kawasaki KLX 250S: Read also the Kawasaki KLX 150L Specs
Engine :
Type : 4-stroke, DOHC
Maximum Power : 18.0 (KW) / 9000rpm
Maximum Torque : 21Nm/7000rpm
Carburetor : Keihin F001
Bore x Stroke : 7261.2 mm
Volume Cylinders : 1 cylinder 249cc
Compression Comparison : 11:01

Frame :
Suspension Front : Telescopic Fork Supension
Rear Suspension : Monoshock Suspension
Brakes Front : Hydraulic (Disc Brake)
Rear Brake : Hydraulic (Disc Brake)
Length x Width x Height : 2190x800x1205mm
Axis Wheels distance : 1435 mm
Distance to Land : 280 mm
Weight : 137 kg
Gasoline Capacity : 7.3 liters

Drivetrain :
Total Transmission : 6-speed, return shift
Teeth to-1 ratio : 3.000 (30/10)
Ratio Teeth 2nd : 2.000 (30/15)
Teeth to-3 ratio : 1.500 (27/18)
Teeth Into Ratio-4 : 1250 (25/20)
Teeth Into Ratio-5 : 1050 (21/20)
Teeth Into Ratio-6 : 0952 (20/21)
Final Reduction Ratio : 3.000 (42/14)
Final Drive System Type : Chain Drive
Overall Drive Ratio : 8.000 @ TopGear

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